Looking Forward Looking Back Digital Storytelling Project

VOICES, Inc. & San Xavier Education Center, San Xavier Reservation, AZ
Sept. 2005-April 2006
Kimi Eisele and I worked as the primary guest artists for this collaboration between VOICES, Inc., the San Xavier Education Center of the Tohono O’odham Nation, BRIDGES to Understanding, and Daniel Weinshenker of the Center for Digital Storytelling. Working with community educators from the San Xavier District, we mentored Tohono O’odham teenagers in writing, interviewing and photographing to help them tell stories about themselves, their community and culture. Kimi and I guided youth participants in the production of digital stories, which are 2-5 minute “movies” comprised of audio narrative, still images and music. Their digital stories were shown at a community film festival at the end of the project. For more information about this project and to view all the digital stories visit: www.voicesinc.org/projects/lflb/

Here is one digital story produced by Kurt Frank.