Reviving the West Branch

City High School & Tucson Audubon Society, Tucson, AZ
Sept. 2005-May 2006
In this collaboration between City High and the Tucson Audubon Society, writer Kimi Eisele and I mentored students through the school’s City Works classes, an innovative learning environment in which students work with community partners to study current local issues. During this class, students studied the history and ecology of the West Branch of the Santa Cruz River, while documenting and participating in the current effort to restore the riparian area.

We guided the students through the documentary process of interviewing, writing and photographing people and places along the West Branch. The project culminated in an exhibit of their photographs and interviews, called “Reviving the West Branch,” which was displayed at the University of Arizona in June 2006. To learn more about the exhibit, read this article in the Arizona Daily Wildcat.